Emily Moore



Bale Out Photos

Our boy Brandon Bales from OKC awesome party pic site, this kid knows how to throw down!



Ben Sherman

British clothing company & London Calling sponsor

Black Box Revue

Springfield, MO's best indie dance party! Every Friday night @ The Outland   (Sister Party)

Great music video and music blog site



Missing Toof

Great indie-electro blog


Noise Problem

Our favorite booking agency!



Robotic Wednesdays

Oklahoma City's best indie dance party! Every Wednesday night @ Kamps  (Sister Party)

Shock City Studios

Brand new world class recording studio in St. Louis.  Rated one of the top 15 recording studios in the country by Mix Magazine.


That 80's Club

Every Friday night in St. Louis @ Rue 13, Clockwork of London Calling's other dance party. Where they video DJ 80s smash hits!


V Vegaz Salon

Our favorite salon in St. Louis across from the Moonrise hotel in the Loop!



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